Beris Mullen Full Cheek (Soft)

Beris Mullen Full Cheek (Soft)


Beris Mullen Full Cheek (Soft)

An eggbutt sided flexible full cheek. A more comfortable option of the Beris Full range to the corners of the mouth.

Soft -  slightly flexible.

Medium - flexible with certain stability.

Hard -  Non flexible.

Full cheek has a nice smooth mouthpiece making it dressage legal under all rules.

Full Cheek Mullen Snaffle

The Full Cheek - A Very quiet and steady laying bit. No pinching of the lips through angled bars. Useful on horses that need more guidance around turns, like young or very strong horses. Popular with jumpers that need to ride quick turns.

The Mullen Mouthpiece - The Straight bar is a very mild mouthpiece; it is an unvarying mouthpiece, which means the pressure on the mouth doesnt change very much, as it is a fixed mouthpiece. The bit puts pressure on the tongue and lips (corner of the mouth), it does use slight pressure on the bars depending on the size of your horses tongue. This bit is very useful for those horses who have a very soft mouth and dont like complicated mouthpieces, it may also be useful for horses who back off the contact and need that extra bit of confidence in the bit.

Other sizes to order and take around 2 weeks to come in.

The Beris bits come in 13mm and 14mm. We find that the eggbutt mullen ones are generous and therefore come 13.5 or 14.5

metric size:

Quantity:  at  £99.95  each