Beris Leather Pelham - long shank (7cm)

Beris Leather Pelham - long shank (7cm)


Beris Leather Pelham - long shank (7cm)


Classic bit with more elegant and refined design. Pressure on lower jaw and poll, depending on length of the curb (5 or 7 cm). The angle of the bit can be adjusted. Possible use for horses that have difficulties to come through, for "sultry" horses, for horses that need sharp corrections in critical situations (like time events), or for hard to control young horses. Long curbs provide strong leverage, however, they are also recommended for riders with unsteady hands, since the Ionger curb helps the rider to slow down. Short curbs work more direct and quicker, but are not quite as harsh. 

Leather Bit 

Horses do accept leather bits very well. Virtually every horse likes the feeling of leather in their mouth and react with increased chewing activity and more salivation. The more salivation, the better slides the bit in the mouth what means an increased well being of your horse. The anatomical shape of the mouthpiece adjusts when wet even more perfect to the anatomy of the horses’ mouth. Extremely well suited is our leather mouthpiece for young and highly sensitive horses, disliking all other materials. Even horses that generally dislike bits in their mouth often accept this material and can learn to trust the hand of a gentle rider again. Our mouthpieces are tanned vegetable, stitched by hand and available in two degrees of hardness (soft and hard) and in the width 130,140 mm.

Please note our care instructions:

Prior to the first use please soak the mouthpiece thoroughly in cooking oil. Please repeat if the leather seems dry to you. Prior to every use please soak briefly in cold water and rinse after use because saliva can erode the leather quickly.

Please allow up to twenty one days for delivery. We do keep some of the range in stock but if you require it urgently please contact prior to ordering.

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