Beris Ported Fulll Cheek - Soft

Beris Ported Fulll Cheek - Soft


Beris Ported Fulll Cheek - Soft

Very quiet and steady laying bit. No pinching of the lips through angled bars. Useful on horses that need more guidance around turns, like young or very strong horses. Popular with jumpers that need to ride quick turns.

Soft - flexible and pleasant in the mouth by a flexible steel core high security, particularly for
sensitive or young horse

Hard/firm - but by the material is very pleasant in the mouth, for very strong or very supporting

The Tongue Port Snaffle gives the horse’s tongue enough room because of the flattened area on the port. Many horses react to this with more relaxation and chewing. Therefore this bit is perfect for horses that won’t tolerate pressure on the tongue and for those who tend to stick their tongue above the bit.

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Sizes: 120, 130, 140mm
Stiffness: hard, soft

imperial size:

Quantity:  at  £99.95  each