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Soft bendy bits

More choice now for customers requiring soft, bendy bits for horses that back off the contact. From the original Nathe and Sprenger Duo range to the new Trust Equestrian bits.

Thin rubber sleeved mullen and ported short shanked pelhams back in stock

Back in stock are the rubber sleeved short shanked pelhams mullen and ported.

Rubber Sleeved Mullen pelhams

Sore Mouths?
 Gel Bit Guards that protect the mouth from pinching. Easy to fit. Close contact. Contoured guards mould around the the mouthpiece of the bit to minimize rubbing and pinching. Available in either Black or Brown.

Hartwell Pelham with Long Shanks

Hartwell Pelham with Long Shanks


Hartwell Pelham with Long Shanks

One of our most popular pelhams. The Hartwell has a wide comfortable port, slightly mullen mouthpiece and has slide cheeks. Ideal for horses with tongue issues.

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Quantity:  at  £29.95  each

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