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Sometimes a change of noseband works better than altering the style of bit. We carry many different choices of noseband from rope to elastic etc

New from Beris

New from Beris this year is the comfort thin range. Available in this 15mm thickness and with either a soft or hard density in many styles including Beris Hanging Cheek.

Need a more effective snaffle?
These are quick acting bits which are nice and neat in appearance. Ideal for hunting. Available in many different mouthpieces.

Bombers Williams Petros Buster Roller

Bombers Williams Petros Buster Roller


Bombers Williams Petros Buster Roller

Buster Roller Petros Williams

The Williams cheekpiece allows for multiple rein positions. If  connected to the main ring the bit acts as a loose ring, but when  connected to the bottom ring it promotes pole flexion by creating more  positive poll pressure.  The Williams cheekpiece helps to prevent  drifting.

The Buster Roller link in the middle is shortened to  40mm which increases bar and tongue pressure making the bit sharper than  conventional link bits. The increased pressure on the bar will lift the  head and the roller will increase pressure on the tongue bringing the  chin in. Best suited for a horse with a low head carriage and which  leans on the bit.

The Petros mouthpieces rotate preventing the  horse taking hold of the bit. Often good for a horse that leans or tries  to take hold of the bit.

All our bits are made from blue sweet iron, because it:

·         oxidises easily

·         encourages salivation

·         helps bit acceptance

·         is warm and sweet

Please note the blue will fade with use.

imperial size:
metric size:

Quantity:  at  £88.00  each

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