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Rubber Sleeved Pelhams are now available! February 26, 2024
After a long delay of five years we now have the thin rubber sleeved pelhams back in stock!... [MORE]

Flash Straps with an elastic insert now available!! February 16, 2024
These are ideal for horses that dislike normal flash straps as there is a small amount of give with them.... [MORE]

Our English bit manufacturer Abbey have had a price increase Jan 2024 January 17, 2024
Abbey bits have had a significant price increase this month.... [MORE]

Trust Sealtex Latex Bit Bandage - Due in the next 5 days. January 11, 2024
Latex bit wrap now available again!... [MORE]

Bridlework / headcollar repairs been being undertaken December 13, 2023
Repairs to bridlework and headcollars now been undertaken. Restitching stirrup leathers etc.... [MORE]

Mexican Grackles available with interchangeable straps - NOW AVAILABLE November 11, 2023
NOW AVAILABLE Mexican Grackles with interchangeable back straps.... [MORE]

Pessoa Softening Bits Back in Stock September 28, 2023
After a long delay the Softening Bits are due back in stock next week.... [MORE]

More Happy Mouth bits due in shortly. September 10, 2023
Our supplier is expecting a second delivery of Happy Mouth bits in the next couple of weeks.... [MORE]

Sprenger / Nathe to have second price increase 1st July 2023 June 28, 2023
Order before 1st July 2023 and beat the price increase.  Sprenger / Nathe to have its second price increase this year.... [MORE]

Mullen, jointed and plastic peanut Happy Mouths back in stock! June 03, 2023
Happy Mouth straight bar, jointed and plastic peanuts have come back into stock. Happy Mouth have now moved into their new premises and have begun man... [MORE]

Happy Mouth Bits due in shortly!! May 10, 2023
New stock due in the next few weeks from Happy Mouth since they have moved to their new premises.... [MORE]

Abbey Bits Price Increase 1st May 2023 April 06, 2023
Abbey Bits have just announced a price increase on the 1st May 2023.... [MORE]

Black and Brown Nylon Gag Cheeks - New for 2023 March 24, 2023
New for 2023. Very thick double nylon gag cheeks avaialable in either black or brown. 3/4" buckle and fairly short in length - around 121/2" total len... [MORE]

Nathe and Sprenger Price Increase 1st Feb 2023 February 17, 2023
Nathe and Sprenger have had a price increase this year. We now only carry Nathe snaffles and will order in the other Nathe products if required due t... [MORE]

Beris Konnex Eggbutt, Three Ring and Loose Ring available in 6" January 23, 2023
Beris Konnex now available in 6" in Eggbutt, Loose Ring and Three Ring Gag.... [MORE]

New from Dever - Waterford Nelson Gag January 13, 2023
New for 2023 Waterford Nelson Gag available in 5", 51/2" and 6" at an affordable price.... [MORE]

Trust Price Increase 1st January 2023 December 16, 2022
Trust to have a price increase on its sweet iron and inno sense range at the begining of the new year.... [MORE]

New innovative bit from Neue Schule - Turtle Bar Smart December 15, 2022
Designed to relieve pressure, the Turtle BarSMART reduces the chance of damage over the horse’s more sensitive outer edges of the tongue and b... [MORE]

Leather covered curb chains in stock in black and brown October 15, 2022
New for  - Leather covered curb chains.... [MORE]

New! Double chain back / curb straps with leather ends. September 09, 2022
Now available only at Bitworld double chain back / curb straps. At present only available with brown leathr. ... [MORE]

Beris Konnex Eggbutt and Loose Ring in stock in 150mm June 21, 2022
Beris Konnex (Soft) bits available in a 150mm in both eggbutt and loose ring. ... [MORE]

RE Bitworld Facebook page June 20, 2022
Please do like or follow our Facebook page for up to date happenings in the world of bitting. ... [MORE]

Price Increase in the Stephens range of leatherwork June 10, 2022
Another price increase this time in the Stephens range of English leatherwork. ... [MORE]

Advance Price Increase Notice May 30, 2022
Nathe, Sprenger and Equipe are having a price increase on July 1st. ... [MORE]

Nylon Gag Cheeks back in stock now available in black and brown April 21, 2022
After a lengthly delay we now have nylon gag roundings back in stock. Available with either black or brown nylon rope and with a 3/4 buckle. ... [MORE]

Centre Revolver bits are being discontinued March 25, 2022
The Centre Revolver range of bit are being discontinued. Limited stock available from suppliers which include Four and Three Ring, Loop Ring and Loo... [MORE]

Price Increase from Abbey England March 08, 2022
The English supplier of riding bits Abbey have announced a price increase for 2022. ... [MORE]

Another price increase for March 1st, this time from Neue Schule February 26, 2022
Neue Schule has announced a price increase from March 1st. ... [MORE]

New from Neue Schule for 2022 - Short shank tranz angled and Turtle top Pelham. February 16, 2022
New to the Neue Schule range of bits is a short shank pelham. The Jumper pelham is in stock with the suppliers and has a 4" shank. It is  avail... [MORE]

Stubben Price increase February 2022 January 26, 2022
We have just heard that Stubben will be having a price increase on the 1st February 2022. ... [MORE]

Discontinued Waterfords - Stubben January 18, 2022
Stubben have discontinued the Waterford Nelson gag and pelham from their range. ... [MORE]

Wide selection of Happy Mouth bits not normally stocked in the UK. January 10, 2022
We have a wide selection of Happy Mouth bits that are not normally carried in the UK. Limited stock available. Doctor Bristols, French Links and rib... [MORE]

More Price increases Jan 1st 2022 November 30, 2021
Two suppliers having price increases in the new year are Trust and one our mass produced suppliers of extra large bits. ... [MORE]

Scorriers back in stock. November 19, 2021
Scorriers or sometimes known as  Cornish Snaffles back in stock. ... [MORE]

Abbey Waterford Swivels back in stock. October 09, 2021
After a lengthy delay Waterford Swivels back in stock. Neat but effective bits giving a quick one inch of gag action. Quick releasing. Available in ... [MORE]

Abbey Waterford Two Ring Swivel Gags back in stock September 25, 2021
Back in stock are the waterford two ring swivel gags - the next step up from a standard swivel bit. ... [MORE]

More Price Increases from September 1st August 05, 2021
More price increases happening on September 1st from Jefferies and one of our mass produced suppliers. ... [MORE]

Nathe have had a second price increase this year. June 10, 2021
Nathe have just had a second price increase due to rising costs etc ... [MORE]

Bomber Bits Price Increase from July 1st June 03, 2021
Bomber Bits will have a significant price increase on July 1st. ... [MORE]

Stubben Easy Control Snaffle (Danger) back in stock in all sizes May 24, 2021
The Stubben Easy Control loose rings (lock up mouthpieces) back in stock from 5" to 7". ... [MORE]

Comfort Thin Beris Bits May 19, 2021
140mm - 51/2" Beris Comfort Thin mouthpieces are been discontinued. We have limited stock left - Pelhams, gags, US Tandem, Eggbutt, Hanging and Full... [MORE]

Nathe Mullen Dee Rings have now been discontinued in a 140mm May 18, 2021
The Nathe D Ring has been discontinued in a 140mm - 512". ... [MORE]

Gel Keepers back in stock. April 16, 2021
These have been a best seller. Dark brown and sold in packs of 20. Ideal for replacing lost or broken leather keepers. ... [MORE]

Scorriers / Cornish Snaffles April 11, 2021
Back in stock are the Scorriers, also known as Cornish Snaffles. ... [MORE]

Brown gag adaptors back in stock March 23, 2021
Back in stock are gag adaptors in brown. Ideal piece of equipment to have in your horse box. Easy and quick to use if you find horse is a little str... [MORE]

Beris Soft Neoprene Back straps full size - Back in stock February 05, 2021
The Full size Beris Neoprene Back Straps have finally come back into stock after six months! ... [MORE]

Grab a bargain before they are gone! Stubben 2in1 Three Ring Gag February 02, 2021
Only two left from a spiecal order with Stubben. Now priced at £70.00 to clear. 53/4" and 51/2" left. Soft or Strong - Just Turn it around!... [MORE]

Beris replacement curb gag chin straps now in stock December 14, 2020
Replacement chins straps for the Beris Curb gags. ... [MORE]

Back in stock - Nathe Loose Rings in 51/2" November 25, 2020
Back in stock are the very popular Nathe flexible snaffles in 51/2" with a standard ring. ... [MORE]

Sprenger Nylon Pelham Converters Back in stock November 12, 2020
Back in stock are the black and brown short nylon pelham roundings/converters. For use on both Baby Pelhams (short shank) and regular pelhams. ... [MORE]

160mm ( just under 61/2" ) Happy Tongue loose ring, full cheek, eggbutt and 2.5 ring for the larger mouthed horse. November 05, 2020
Now available for the larger mouthed horse,  160mm Happy Tongue bits in loose ring, eggbutt, full cheek and 2.5 ring. ... [MORE]

Scorriers back in stock October 31, 2020
Scorriers or Cornish Snaffles back in stock and now available in 12.5, 13.5 and 140. ... [MORE]

Bomber Pelhams at a reduced price whilst stocks last October 01, 2020
We have some Bomber Jointed, Control Plate, Elliptical and Elliptical Lock Up Pelhams here at a reduced price whilst stocks last. ... [MORE]

61/2" and 7" flexi Mullen loose rings back in stock August 03, 2020
Back in stock are the 612" and 7" flexi mullen loose rings. Also back in stock are the stainless steel mullen eggbutts. ... [MORE]

61/2" Eggbutt Mullens back in stock April 03, 2020
Back in stock after a lengthy delay. ... [MORE]

Myler Low Port Comfort Eggbutt 5" February 26, 2020
We have a couple left of the plain eggbutt Myler Low Port Comfort in a 5" ... [MORE]

New FEI eventing rule just come out. February 20, 2020
.Lever Arm For the Cross Country test, the lever arm may not exceed10 cm on any bit  (Eventing rules art.539.3.2). The length of the lever arm... [MORE]

Price Increase 1st March 2020 on E Jefferies range of bits. February 13, 2020
We have just heard that E Jefferies will be having a small price increase on their range of bitting from the 1st March 2020. ... [MORE]

Sprenger are the new suppliers of Nathe bits. January 27, 2020
Sprenger have taken over from Waldhausen in supplying Nathe bits. Lots of new styles will be coming out including an Eggbutt and D ring, choice of P... [MORE]

Shires have added 25 new bits to their range. January 17, 2020
Shires have added 25 new bits to their ever expanding range of bits. We will be adding them to our website. They are due in stock at the end of Janu... [MORE]

limited stock of Myler 04 Hanging Cheek 5" November 15, 2019
We have limited stock of 04 Myler Hanging Cheeks in both 5" and 51/2". ... [MORE]

Bomber McHardy mouthpiece is dressage legal. November 11, 2019
The Bomber McHardy full cheek mouthpiece is dressage legal. The McHardy is a combination of a jointed Happy Tongue with a Buster Roller centre. ... [MORE]

Happy Mouth straight bar American Gags now available November 02, 2019
Happy Mouth American Gags are now available in the  larger sizes. ... [MORE]

Price Increase 1st October Stubben Bits September 10, 2019
Stubben bits will be increasing in price on the 1st October. ... [MORE]

New From Beris - leather eggbutt September 05, 2019
New from Beris is the leather covered eggbutt. These are now made using the comfort thin mouthpiece. ... [MORE]

Spoga 2019 September 03, 2019
Have just returned from our trip to Spoga Trade Fair. Exciting new ranges of bits will shortly be available , please watch this space. ... [MORE]

FEI have now relaxed their ruling regarding wavy mouthpieces for eventing dressage. Meaning that Happy Mouth and Flexi bits can be used . ... [MORE]

New Harmony and Balancer Mouthpieces from Jefferies June 13, 2019
New for 2019. With the Harmony Loose ring proving to be so popular it will now be available in the following cheek styles - Four ring Dutch gag, Ha... [MORE]

New Breaking In Bit from Happy Mouth April 11, 2019
New to the Happy Mouth range is the Breaking Bit with keys. Available in 5" and 51/2". ... [MORE]

5" Myler Low Port Eggbutts (dressage legal) back in stock with suppliler April 04, 2019
Now back in stock with the suppliers are the 5" Myler Low Port Eggbutts dressage legal no slots and hanging cheeks. ... [MORE]

New Rigid Leather Back straps now in. March 21, 2019
New for 2019. Mainly for the show jumping market. English made leather  back straps featuring a broad metal lined centre piece and brass buckle... [MORE]

New from Neue Schule for 2019 March 13, 2019
New from Neue Schule for 2019 is the Turtle Top Eggbutt. This is now in stock with Neue Schule and is priced at £154.95. ... [MORE]

New Blue Sweet Iron bits with curved mouthpiece and brass alloy lozenge March 07, 2019
New to one of our suppliers for 2019 is a range of blue sweet iron bits with a slightly curved mouthpiece and a brass alloy lozenge. Available in a ... [MORE]

Waterford Loose Ring (Balding) gags - £44.95 February 26, 2019
Competively priced Waterford gags in stock in 5", 51/2 and 6". ... [MORE]

Beris Comfort Thin loose rings - 15mm back in stock January 16, 2019
Beris Comfort Thin Loose rings - 15mm thickness back in stock. ... [MORE]

Sprenger Short Nylon Pelham Roundings back in stock November 20, 2018
Both black and brown short nylon pelham roundings are now back in stock. The brown now have brown nylon as well as brown leather ends. ... [MORE]

Happy Mouth Mullen Combination Hackamore October 03, 2018
New improved cheek on the Happy Mouth Combination Hackamore. Picture to follow shortly. ... [MORE]

61/2" French Link Full Cheeks back in stock. September 21, 2018
Back in stock. ... [MORE]

New from Dever - curved Sweet Iron Loose Ring and a thin Tom Thumb with Lozenge September 07, 2018
New from our suppliers - Dever. A curved single jointed Sweet Iron Loose Ring, a thin Stainless Steel with Copper Lozenge Tom Thum and a thick mout... [MORE]

New from the FEI regarding Bomber bits July 27, 2018
We just received news from the FEI late on Wednesday that all of the bits we submitted for approval this year have been past.     The F... [MORE]

Part Elastic Flash Straps and Mexican Grackles July 24, 2018
Now in stock, part elastic flash straps in cob and full, and part elastic mexican grackles. Less restrictive than the standard all leather. ... [MORE]

new slimmer 16mm Bomber Blue Loose Rings have arrived May 03, 2018
Limited stock of the new slimmer 16mm Bomber Blue wide ported loose ring bits have arrived. ... [MORE]

Now in stock are the new thin nylon bits from Shires. Available in 41/2", 5" and 5.5". Single and double jointed. April 20, 2018
The new Equikind+ range from Shires is now in stock. Various designs including a Tom Thumb, Full Cheek, Bevel and Universal. ... [MORE]

New Equimouth bits now in stock April 04, 2018
Just arrived. Equimouth bits from Waldhausen. Very similar to the Nathe mouthpiece. ... [MORE]

Super Stretchy Silicone Bit Rubbers from Shires March 27, 2018
New for 2018, super, stretchy bit rubbers. Available in black and brown. ... [MORE]

Bombers will be bringing out a slimmer Bombers Blue in a 16mm March 16, 2018
Bombers Blue - the synthetic Happy Tongue, will now be available in a thinner 16mm version. Due in end of next week. ... [MORE]

Short Shank Waterford Pelhams March 14, 2018
Short Shank Waterford Pelhams now in stock. ... [MORE]

New from Sprenger Duo Eggbutt March 14, 2018
New for 2018 an Eggbutt Duo in a 120, 130 and 140 and 70mm ring. ... [MORE]

Please visit our facebook page for all new bitting news etc March 12, 2018
Please visit our Facebook page for all up to date and new bitting news etc. ... [MORE]

New from the Acavallo Gel Range - Acavallo Sensitive Bit February 21, 2018
Horses love this new Acavallo bit for a wide variety of reasons: – It is made of an innovative, anti-allergic plastic material instead of a he... [MORE]

New from Beris for 2018 February 15, 2018
Beris will be bringing out a new stainless steel and Sweet Iron range to their ever expanding range. The Beris Iron and the Beris Black will be avai... [MORE]

E Jefferies - slight price increase for 2018 January 30, 2018
E Jeffries have brought out a slight price increase for 2018. ... [MORE]

More new designs of thin rubber bits due in this year January 23, 2018
Good news for customers wanting more choice in jointed and double jointed thin rubber bits. Due in shortly. ... [MORE]

BE Eventing Rule Change 2018 December 23, 2017
Rule change for 2018 is that the wavy mouthpiece WILL NOT BE ALLOWED  for dressage. This includes the Happy Mouth and Flexi brands. ... [MORE]

New Myler Wide Ported Loose Rings now in stock October 30, 2017
New FEI approved Myler Wide Ported Loose Rings now in stock. ... [MORE]

New Dressage Legal Myler Ported Barrel Eggbutts now in stock. October 16, 2017
Now in stock, Myler (MB33)  Eggbutts with no slots have arrived! FEI and BD legal. ... [MORE]

More 61/2" and 7" sized bits to be added to range. October 09, 2017
Due in the next couple of weeks   Loose Ring Lozenge in 61/2" and 7" French Link Loose Ring in 7". French Link Hanging Cheek in 7". ... [MORE]

New Copper content Lock up snaffle October 06, 2017
New from Kavalkade is the high copper content lock up loose ring and a Short Shanked Lozenge Pelham. ... [MORE]

New 61/2" and 7" Ez Control Loose rings from Stubben October 01, 2017
New larger sizes for the Stubben EZ Control Loose Ring. ... [MORE]

Price increase 1st October - Stubben Bit Range September 27, 2017
From the 1st October Stubben will be having a price increase. ... [MORE]

New From Sprenger - crystal embellished bits! September 07, 2017
New! Sprenger Shine Bright Edition. Embellished with crystals from Swarovski. Upgrade your Sprenger bit and combine it with your favourite colour ... [MORE]

New in Beris American Gags in stock. August 02, 2017
As we are now unable to supply Happy Mouth and Nathe American Gags we are now carrying American Gags from Beris. ... [MORE]

New! The Fei have allowed the following Bomber Bits. August 01, 2017
·         Bomber Blue - approved ·         Loose Ring... [MORE]

Myler MB33 Eggbutts coming soon. June 30, 2017
Myler will be bringing in the wide ported barrel plain eggbutts that are now FEI dressage legal. Due in September. ... [MORE]

Beris Curb Strap June 20, 2017
new from Beris for 2017. Soft, neoprene padded curb straps with velcro . Available in full and pony size. Black only. A softer option to a metal cur... [MORE]

New. Bomber Happy Tongue Hanging Cheeks in stock June 06, 2017
New to the Bomber range. Happy Tongue Hanging Cheeks. Limited stock. ... [MORE]

Good Luck to all our Badminton customers. April 30, 2017
Bitworld would like to wish all our customers competing at Badminton the best of luck. ... [MORE]

Leather Blinkers now in stock April 27, 2017
Leather Blinkers now in stock in black and brown. ... [MORE]

Gated Pelhams and Copper Twisted W Mouth Full Cheeks due in next week. April 13, 2017
Gated pelhams and Copper Twisted W Full Cheeks in 5.5 are due in next week. ... [MORE]

Sprenger and Neue Schule Price increase. April 03, 2017
Sprenger are having a small price increase effective from the 1st April and also Neue Schule are having a significant price hike from the 3rd April.... [MORE]

Myler Loose Ring Low Port Comfort MB2804 March 13, 2017
In stock Myler Loose Ring 04 low port comfort and the plain eggbutt low port comfort. ... [MORE]

Beris Bits now available March 13, 2017
We will now be stocking the Beris range including their new Prime and Comfort Thin range. ... [MORE]

Oasby Horse Trials 8 - 12th March March 07, 2017
We will be at Oasby Horse Trials setting up 8th March and will be back 13th March. We regret that we will be unable to post out during this time. ... [MORE]

Hunter D Rings now available from Neue Schule. March 01, 2017
Originally brought out for the American market are the Neue Schule Hunter Verbinded and the Neue Schule Hunter Turtle Top. These styles will be avai... [MORE]

Myler News 2017 February 23, 2017
Myler bits will be going up in price from March 1st. New dressage legal bits from Myler will be Loose Rings in 04 (Low port comfort), 36 (Forward T... [MORE]

New Slim rubber snaffles coming in to stock January 31, 2017
New slim rubber snaffles are now available in mullen, jointed and lozenge styles. They are half the thickness compared to the standard rubber bits. ... [MORE]

New Nathe styles for 2017 January 24, 2017
Nathe have brought out a new fixed ring similar to an Eggbutt cheek but on an Oval Ring. Available in mullen, jointed and french link. ... [MORE]

Sprenger Hard Carbon Gags now in stock January 16, 2017
New to Sprenger are the Hard Carbon Gags - mullen and jointed. Ideal for horses that dislike baulky mouthpieces. These bits have a slim mouthpiece ... [MORE]

January 1st Price Increase January 09, 2017
There will be a small price increase on some of our stainless steel and Fexi bits. ... [MORE]

NEW Weymouth from Neue Schule December 05, 2016
The Turtle Tilt Weymouth is a new style from Neue Schule designed to clarify rein aids and improve equine comfort. ... [MORE]

New EZ Control (Danger) Hanging Cheeks now available October 27, 2016
Just arrived. Danger Hanging Cheeks/ Bouchers. ... [MORE]

Bombers Price Increase - November October 18, 2016
Bomber Bits will be having a price increase on November 1st. This is to mitigate the exchange rate loses since Brexit. ... [MORE]

Bombers Happy Tongue now BD legal October 03, 2016
More good news for riders with horses requiring extra tongue room, the Bomber Happy Tongue (Blue Sweet Iron ) are now BD dressage legal. The cheek s... [MORE]

New from Sprenger September 12, 2016
New from Sprenger are the following, A carbon (nylon) mullen and jointed gag, A Waterford loose ring, A Dynamic single and double jointed  B... [MORE]

New Happy Weymouth, Bradoon and thin rubber bits due in shortly September 08, 2016
The new FEI legal Happy Mouth Weymouth and Happy Mouth double jointed bradoon due in the next few weeks. Also thin rubber pelhams and snaffles due i... [MORE]

Stubben Price Increase September 03, 2016
From October 1st Stubben will be having a price increase. ... [MORE]

Equipe Price Increase August 30, 2016
From the 1st September Equipe are having a price increase..... ... [MORE]

New from Stubben. August 08, 2016
EZ Control (Danger) bits now available in a neat Dee Ring cheek. 12.5 and 13.5 in stock, other sizes to arrive shortly. ... [MORE]

Exciting News from the FEI ! August 05, 2016
Summery of new tack/equipment approved for FEI dressage events in 2016 Information on Tack and Equipment:- K'Vall Stirrup - Not permitted at FEI dr... [MORE]

Exciting News from Stubben and Happy Mouth August 04, 2016
Watch this space for the new bits in the Stubben range which will be available in a few months time. Also for new bits in the Happy Mouth range and ... [MORE]

Bombers Flexible mouthpiece August 04, 2016
This new mouthpiece from Bombers is now available in the following - Pelham, Full cheek, Long shank Combination and a 2.5 Ring. ... [MORE]

Coming soon - Exciting range of nosebands June 30, 2016
Arriving shortly will be an exciting range of nosebands. ... [MORE]

Trust bits now in stock! May 13, 2016
An exciting new range of bits from Trust are now available to us. The white flexible range is comparable to the Nathe but more competitive in price.... [MORE]

Neue Schule Turtle Tactio April 06, 2016
The long awaited Neue Schule Turtle Tactio are now available in Loose Rings, Universals and Beval designs. ... [MORE]

new from the Bombers Bit range March 10, 2016
More new bits from the innovative Bomber bit range. Plastic Blue Happy Tongue - now in an Eggbutt, Combination Hackamore and Williams - 2 Ring Cart... [MORE]

Trust Bits Available from March 2016 February 26, 2016
Trust Bits will be available in March 2016. ... [MORE]

New from Bombers Bit Range February 23, 2016
New for 2016 Bombers Blue Happy Tongue Eggbutt. ... [MORE]

Update on Happy Mouth/ Flexi Mullen mouthpieces February 05, 2016
2016 re Happy Mouth / Flexi mullen - Eggbutts, loose rings, full cheeks and hanging cheeks. Happy Mouth and Flexi bobbly mouthpieces are legal to ... [MORE]

New from Neue Schule for 2016 January 22, 2016
The new Turtle Top Tongue Smart. Designed to accomondate a large tongue. More details to follow! ... [MORE]

Stubben Thin Rubber Mullen Short Shanked Pelhams back in stock! January 20, 2016
The Stubben thin Rubber Mullen Short Shanked Pelhams have finally arrived. ... [MORE]

Bombers Loose Ring Tube Bits have been certified BD legal December 18, 2015
The new Bombers Tube bits have been confirmed as British Dressage legal. ... [MORE]

New Tube bits from the innovative Bombers Range November 26, 2015
Coming shortly are Tube bits from the innovative Bomber Bits. These have an enlarged C sleeve and will be coming in three styles of mouthpieces at f... [MORE]

New rule change for British Dressage 2016 November 22, 2015
"8. A curb bit with rotating lever arm is also allowed" Copied from the 2016 British Dressage Handbook..   ... [MORE]

New Copper Cherry Roller gags October 16, 2015
Cherry Roller Gags in 5", 51/2" and 6" in stock priced at £25.95 ... [MORE]

Sprenger Nylon Pelham Roundings now back in stock September 10, 2015
Sprenger Nylon pelham roundings have finally arrived back in stock .Ideal for short shanked pelhams or normal 5" shanked pelhams. ... [MORE]

We will be away at the Scope Show Jumping Festival from the 20th - 30th August. Any orders will be processed if possible or will be completed on our r August 19, 2015
... [MORE]

Elasticated Grakles now in stock July 07, 2015
Now stocking four different styles of Elasticated Grakles. ... [MORE]

John Whitakers Universal - the bit with many uses. July 02, 2015
Now stocking the Universal - the John Whitaker Bit. Available in Jointed, Lozenge, Slow Twisted and Leather covered. Ideal for yards with multiple h... [MORE]

Exciting new mouthpieces from Stubben. July 02, 2015
Stubben have added to their innovative bit range with four new styles. A comfortable style of Waterford modelling on the original Kangaroo version.... [MORE]

Elasticated Grakles arriving Shortly May 27, 2015
These popular Grakles are arriving shortly in cob and full size. ... [MORE]

New from Happy Mouth - Dressage legal mouthpieces March 31, 2015
New from Happy Mouth are straight bar mouthpieces with out the bumps which will now conform to the Dressage rulings. At the moment only available in... [MORE]

New from Nathe - Nelson Gag March 23, 2015
New for 2015 from Nathe is the Nelson (full cheeked) gag. Ideal for the strong sensitived mouth horse which requires a little help with steering. ... [MORE]

New for 2015 Leather bits from the Beris Range February 05, 2015
A range of leather covered straight bar bits in various cheek designs are now available from Beris Bits. New stock will be coming in shortly. ... [MORE]

Neue Schule Price Increase January 09, 2015
Neue Schule have announced a rather sigificant price rise for 2015. For example Tranz Full cheek was £84.50 now £101.50 ... [MORE]

For Sale Potential Eventer. Point to Point /Hunter November 17, 2014
Well bred 16.1hh 7yrs chestnut mare. Quality, powerful strong looking. Hunted with Quorn proving to be brave and bold - snaffle mouthed. Pointed 201... [MORE]

New Happy Mouth Contour Eggbutts with Peanut/Copper Barrel centre October 17, 2014
New to the ever expanding Happy Mouth range are the Contour shaped eggbutts with either a plastic peanut or a copper barrel centre. Slimmer than nor... [MORE]

We regret that no orders will be able to be sent during September 22 - 27th due to being at Arena UK September 18, 2014
Bit World will be at Arena UK from the 22 - 28 September. ... [MORE]

We regret that no orders will be sent out 22- 30 August due to been away at Scope Festival. August 19, 2014
We apologise for not been able to send goods out during the 22 - 30th August. ... [MORE]

Price Increase from Stubben July 30, 2014
Stubben prices set to rise slightly on August 4th. Order now to beat the increase. ... [MORE]

Product Recall of the Neue Schule Comfy Contact range May 26, 2014
Neue Schule are advising any owners of the Comfy Contact range to stop using them from immediate effect and to contact Neue Schule direct. ... [MORE]

New bits from Happy Mouth May 22, 2014
The popular Happy Mouth Copper Roller bits have three more styles of cheeks added to thier range. These include a Dee Ring, Loop Ring and a 4 Ring ... [MORE]

Aston le Walls Horse Trials May 13, 2014
We will be at Aston le Walls from Tuesday till Saturday May 13th - 17th. We regret that we wont be able to send out any orders until Monday 19th May... [MORE]

Rockingham Castle/Brigstock Horse Trials April 29, 2014
Bit World will be at Brigstock Horse Trials from April 30th - May 4th. Any orders placed over the website during that time will not be sent until Tu... [MORE]

Belton Horse Trials April 4th - 6th April 04, 2014
Bit World will be at Belton Horse Trials this coming weekend. Any orders made on line will be sent out on Monday April 7th. ... [MORE]

New from Beta 2014 February 18, 2014
New from Shires this year are a range of Blue Alloy bits which are very similar to a well known brand. Waterford hanging cheek and  a Tom Thumb... [MORE]

New from Beta 2014 February 18, 2014
Beris bits are now adding a taper mouthpiece to their range. ... [MORE]

Gel Bit Guards now available in brown. February 11, 2014
Due to demand the Acavallo Gel Bit Guards are now available in brown. The Gel Curb Guards which you thread your curb chain through are now also avai... [MORE]

Large selection of gags in stock November 22, 2013
Many different styles of gags in stock. Gag roundings can be stitched on if required. ... [MORE]

New to Sprenger, Sensogan. September 28, 2013
Sprenger have now brought out a new bit material for their KK bit range. Sensogan is an innovative mix of materials including the micronutrient... [MORE]

Price increases. September 16, 2013
Due to ever rising costs, Abbey Bits are the latest firm to have a price increase. Slightly earlier in the year, Stubben also announced a slight pri... [MORE]

Back in stock, Precision and Harmony Bits August 06, 2013
Back in stock are the E Jefferies Precision and Harmony bits( High copper Universal and shaped loose ring with a Lozenge). These bits have been extr... [MORE]

New Golden Wings 3 Ring Gag July 31, 2013
New to the Stubben bit range is the Golden Wings 3 Ring gag with lozenge. The unique Golden Wings protect the corners of the mouth and also aid turn... [MORE]

Now Stocking Beris Bits July 01, 2013
Beris Bits are fairly new to the market. A very high quality non metal brand offering a wide choice of mouthpieces and cheek designs. ... [MORE]

New in stock June 22, 2013
Stubben 2 in 1 lozenge 2 Ring Gag. A new concept of mouthpiece that was a winner of the recent Beta Innovations competition. The upper side of the... [MORE]

Royal Mail 2013 price increase April 05, 2013
From April 1st Royal Mail has altered its postal charges therefore there has been some increases in the rates charged. ... [MORE]

Stubben 2in1 Full Cheek wins the best saddlery and tack category at the recent Beta Trade Fair February 21, 2013
BETA INTERNATIONAL REWARDS INNOVATION 20th February, 2013.There was a keen sense of competition surrounding the ETN Innovation Awards as entries fr... [MORE]

News from Neue Schule February 13, 2013
The NS Verbindend is now available in 61/4" and 61/2" in the snaffle and bradoon version. There is also a new bit in the pony range which ... [MORE]

New from Sprenger February 13, 2013
Coming out soon from Sprenger will be two new bits in their Unversal range. A Dynamic Universal featuring a gentle curvature in the arms of the bit ... [MORE]

Danger bits are now renamed as the Max Control January 03, 2013
Sprenger have now renamed the Danger bit to the Max - Control. They are currently available in the following styles of cheeks. Loose ring Dee and ... [MORE]

New Range of Happy Mouth Bits November 21, 2012
New to the Happy Mouth range of bits are the following. Loose ring, Hanging Cheek and Full Cheek with a copper roller centre. A Combination Hackam... [MORE]

Are you ready for this Hunting Season? November 12, 2012
Bit World has a large range of Gag Roundings both in leather and nylon in various sizes and lengths. ... [MORE]

Good luck to all our customers at the London 2012 Olympics Games. July 21, 2012
Bit World would like to wish all their customers who are competing in the forthcoming London 2012 Olympic Games the very best of luck. ... [MORE]

Nathe Long shank Combinations back in stock. April 30, 2012
Due to popular demand these are now back in stock. ... [MORE]

Royal Mail Price Increase 1st May March 21, 2012
From the 1st May 2012 we will unfortunately have to increase our p/p due to the annual price rise from the Royal Mail. ... [MORE]

Neue Schule Price Increase March 14, 2012
Another firm to have a price increase for 2012 is Neue Schule. ... [MORE]

7" Bits now available in many styles at an affordable price. March 10, 2012
Good news for people  with horses that take an extra large bit. Many styles are now available in both 61/2" and 7" including two bits in t... [MORE]

New idea from Stubben - 2 in 1 Bit March 08, 2012
A new design from Stubben is the 2 in 1 bit. A loose ring snaffle with one side smooth and one side with a edge. Using the bit with the edge side up... [MORE]

Price Increases March 01, 2012
Many suppliers have had price increases one of which is the Sprenger range.   ... [MORE]

Beta Trade Fair 2012 February 19, 2012
The annual Beta Trade Fair is only a couple of weeks away. This is where suppliers show case all their new stock for the year and also issue new pri... [MORE]

An amazing privilege for Bit World November 10, 2011
Bit World were delighted to have been asked by a major equestrian trade supplier to help and advise with their bitting range for 2012/13. It was an am... [MORE]

Bit World are delighted to announce that they were a finalist in the Beta Lorinery Competition. November 02, 2011
The competition was launched this year at the Beta Trade Show and was aimed at encouraging equestrian retail outlets to exhibit the best in store lori... [MORE]

Scope Festival August 23, 2011
Due to family commitments we will not be attending the Scope Festival this year but hope to see everyone next year. We will however be at the Show Jum... [MORE]

Long Shanked Nathe Tandem/Combinations back in stock August 04, 2011
Due to demand, we now have the original Nathe Combinations with the long shank back in stock.... [MORE]

New Pelhams in stock August 03, 2011
Just come in  Sweet Iron Pelhams with the copper ribs and rollers, normally seen on the Tom Thumb gags.... [MORE]

51/2" Sweet Iron bits with a copper lozenge July 22, 2011
The 51/2" Sweet Iron bits with a copper lozenge will not be in stock until the end of September due to the high demand.... [MORE]

New Nosebands May 26, 2011
Rope nosebands are now in stock. Also small pony pelham roundings, these will be added to the website shortly.... [MORE]

Pricing structure in the process of been altered March 21, 2011
Originally our prices used to be excluding vat which was then added on at checkout. We are now in the process of altering this  to inclusive of V... [MORE]

Users of straight bar Happy Mouth and Flexi snaffles and full cheeks February 24, 2011
It has been brought to our attention that these bits are no longer dressage legal, due to the mouthpiece not been smooth. So straight bar loose ri... [MORE]

Price increase on Myler Bits February 15, 2011
Due to rising costs Myler bits will be having a price increase on 1 March 2011.... [MORE]

Beta International 2011 February 15, 2011
The Beta trade fair starts this weekend and is the ideal place for firms to showcase any new designs of bits etc. Look out for new stock arriving ... [MORE]

New Lozenge style bits arriving in shortly February 14, 2011
Due to popular demand there will be many more styles of lozenge bits on sale. Sweet Iron Hanging Cheek with a copper lozenge and a plain stainles... [MORE]

A few Curb Gags left in stock November 02, 2010
 First seen being used by Ellen Whittaker in the Spring. ... [MORE]

New from Stubben. October 15, 2010
Exciting new designs from Stubben. Quality made bits with attention to detail. Many of them dressage legal, including Copper Lozenge Hanging Cheeks to... [MORE]

Scope Festival 2010 August 25, 2010
From August 27 to September 5 Bit World will be away at Scope. There will be no posting during this period.... [MORE]

New Styles now available in the Happy Mouth Range April 27, 2010
Happy Mouth has extended its range of bits available in this country. The following bits are now in stock. Mullen and Jointed Gags. Taper... [MORE]

Bombers Bits now being marketed at Trust Bits April 12, 2010
The Sweet Iron bits made by the South African firm, Bombers, are now been marketed under a new name of Trust Bits. Please see our website for some of ... [MORE]

Myler Accredited Bitting Advisor March 15, 2010
Am pleased to announce that I am a Myler Accredited Bitting Advisor.  ... [MORE]

Coming soon 61/2" Sweet Iron Tom Thumb Gags March 13, 2010
This bit is now available in the 61/2" size. Stock arriving shortly.... [MORE]

New Website Launch March 08, 2010
We are very pleased to announce the launch of the new Bit World website. Browse the shop to see our wide range of bits and accessories.... [MORE]

Twins arrive early August 21, 2009
Am pleased to announce the safe arrival of Toby and Will on the 21st August 2009. ... [MORE]