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 Full Cheek snaffles help with steering as the cheekpieces puts pressure on the side of the face.They tend to be used on young horses especially for the flat work. There are various styles of full cheek including the Full Spoon and the Fulmer. The latter, also known as the Australian loose ring offers more play. The rings which the reins buckle to are loose rings set away from the mouthpiece.
In theory, all full cheeks should be used with leather keepers as they keep the bit more upright in the mouth.
Modern full cheeks often have a design fault. Originally the top part of the cheek was angled/flaired slightly away in order that it would not press into the horses face. Bits made by the English manufactor, Abbey are still made with a flair. However many of the mass produced bits have cheeks that are straight up and down and can cause pressure on some types of horses.
We have divided the Full Cheeks into two sections, Dressage and non Dressage legal.
If there is a particular bit that you are looking for please use the search button or contact us. Bits will be added on to the website on a regular basis.

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Used on full cheeks and fulmers to keep the bit more upright in the mouth.