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Beris horse bits are made from a flexible material arround a steel core. They  are anatomically designed to fit the horse's mouth. Beris bits are comfortably and  encourage increased relaxation to a soft yet consistent contact.
Offering a  full range of Mullen and Ported mouthed  Snaffles, Full Cheeks, Gags,  Pelhams, and Tandem bits plus the popular  Curb Gag design.

The bits are hand made in Germany and will soon be a leader thanks to its  quality,  availability and performance not to mention a price point that  is  affordable to the recreational rider and professional alike.

Beris are available in an eggbutt and Comfort. We tend to carry the thinner comfort thin and will order in the Comfort if required.

New for 2017 is the Comfort Thin - a slim 15mm mouthpiece available in many cheek styles and either in soft or hard density.

New for 2018 is the Konnex. An updated version of the ported mouthpiece. This new style port will be available in all the cheek styles that currently have the ported mouthpieces.


The successful combination of two classics!

The initial idea was to develop a thinner mouthpiece with the proven effect of our Tongue Port Bit. During the phase of development we also became inspired by the charateristics of the Butterfly Bit.
In conclusion the KONNEX-Bit is to be understood as the deliberate summary of positive characteristics of both bits.
The bit itself is slimmer, and it postions itself very comfortably  in the horses mouth. The beris TonguePort offers also in the KONNEX-Bit generous space to the sensitive tongue muscle. Additionally here the bit widens itself in area of the port. That means to spread the pressure of the rein on a greater area of the tongue, the tongue will be protected from too much pressure on to small areas of the tongue.
Suitable is the KONNEX-Bit for horses with little space in their mouth, e.g. thoroughbred type horses, or older horses (due to the dental changes), large-scale tongues and especially horses  who do not tolerate too much presure on the tongue.
Available in the degrees of hardness
Soft and Hard in the width130,140 mm.

New for 2018 is the Beris Black and the Beris Iron.

Four new mouthpieces, four sizes and two new materials

Beris – now eventually on the market for horses and riders
who prefer bits made of metal!

Tongue Port full
with a height of 30 mm fully compatible with FEI regulation. A true
metal copy of our proven beris Tongue Port! Ideal for horses preferring
spacious room for their tongues!
Available in 110, 120, 130 and 140 mm width

Tongue Port small
only 15 mm in height, a kind of comfort Tongue Port Ideal for
horses that prefer only a little more space for their tongues.
Available in 110. 120, 130 and 140 mm width

The profile of the the beris IRON an beris BLACK series are ovaly shaped to
occupy only the really needed space in the horse´s mouth. Additionally the mouthpiece lies broadly on jaws and tongue to distribute the pressure.
To accomplish the broad based contact between bit and mouth we installed
the socket slightly rotated.

Single- and double jointed Mouthpiece

Our vision: a functionally new link for bits, without the disadvantages of a common jointed one.
Out beris Joint rests flat and broad on the horse´s tongue. Putting pressure on the reins, no parts
of the bit will prick into the tonge or in the palate! The very mobile bit in the mouth encourages
chewing and salivation!
No matter if single- or double jointed, both mouthpieces- a filigree example of
true craftsmanship- captivate (the observer) with their beautifully designed transitions.
Precision and delicate communication- uncompromisingly united in this bit.
Available in the width 115,125,135,145 mm

beris BLACK is made of stainless steel and sweet iron.
beris IRON bits are made exclusively of high quality stainless steel.
The sweet iron parts of a beris BLACK bit are prone to rust. Horses like the taste of the sweet iron, it encourages more salivation and chewing. The surface of a beris IRON bit is extremely smooth and slides very gentle in the horse´s mouth.
Mouthpiece and sides of a beris BLACK or IRON bit are linked elegantly in a
eggbutt shaped socket. Exactly fitted loose rings slide (without resistance) evenly in the sockets. For adjusting other sides to the mouthpiece we integrated the eggbutt shaped socket in a carefully designed transition. Pinching the lips becomes impossible!

In the manufacture of bits with mouthpieces made of a softer material such as Copper, Rubber, Vulcanite, Nathe, Nylon,Happy Mouth, Flexi etc, the components are of the highest quality and have been tested extensively.

If the mouthpiece is faulty it will be replaced. However, mouthpieces that are chewed, ill-fitted or placed under unnatural force or pressure can often result in premature wear or other damage which the supplier cannot be held responsible.

Please allow up to fourteen days for delivery. We do keep some of the range in stock but if you require it urgently please contact prior to ordering.



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