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Please find a selection of Combination Hackamores. This style of bit combine nose pressure and leveridge with a choice of mouthpiece. They are available in many styles though we tend to stock the more popular ones. The Combination Hackamores will need to have a back strap added and also a sheepskin fleece if required. These items can be found in accessories.

The Nathe Tandam bits again combine nose pressure with a smaller amount of leveridge. These are ideal for a very sensitive mouthed strong puller. They do come with a nylon back strap. Sheepskin covers can be found in accessories.

Should the item that you are interested in show "currently out of stock" this only means the bit is not here in the shop but might well be in stock with our supplier. Therefore we can easily order it in for you.

The cheek pieces of your bridle attach to the half moon by the rubber noseband and the backstrap to the small end section.

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