Snaffles inc dressage legal and non dressage - Shop

The choice of snaffles now available is amazing . When I think back to our bit board in the days of Grimston Saddlery,the only copper bits we had then were from the Kangaroo range and people now a days have never heard of a Kangaroo bit! Now there are many different styles of copper bits from the high quality KK range to the mass produced market. Prices and styles to suit all pockets.
Bit designs have changed aswell with the loop ring/Beval and Swivel/Cartwheel, again coming in many mouthpieces.
We  have decided to divide the Snaffle section into Dressage and Non Dressage Legal. Please use the search button if there is a particular bit you are looking for. If it is not on the website please do contact us as the choice of snaffles is overwhelming. Bits can be made to order, like a rubber french link loose or eggbutt etc etc