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Abbey are an English manufactuer of Riding Bits. They carry a wide range of different mouthpieces, cheek designs and sizes. From the extra large to the neat scaled down pony range. Custom made bits or Pelhams with an extra long cheek are available.

Vulcanite, Copper and Sweet Iron mouthpieces are available alongside the traditional rubber and stainless steel.



In the manufacture of bits with mouthpieces made of a softer material such as Copper, Rubber, Vulcanite, Nathe, Nylon,Happy Mouth, Flexi etc, the components are of the highest quality and have been tested extensively.

If the mouthpiece is faulty it will be replaced. However, mouthpieces that are chewed, ill-fitted or placed under unnatural force or pressure can often result in premature wear or other damage which the supplier cannot be held responsible.

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