Dutch one or two rings below & 2.5 rings - Shop

Prices include Vat at the current rate.
The Dutch, or Three or Two Ring Gag comes with various rein options depending on how much leveridge is required. To the change the action of the bit you could add a leather back strap onto the top small ring. This acts as a stabliser and makes the bit come into play a lot quicker. Some people find that they don't need to use the bottom ring anymore with these addition.
We also carry neat, pony Dutch Gags in either the two or three ring style.
A recent addition to this range is the Slide Ring, this style has a connecting bar in the middle of the cheekpiece that the mouthpiece runs from. It is similar to the Swivel or Cartwheel snaffle. Mainly seen in the Showjumping world. The Slide Ring is a quicker acting version of the Dutch Gag.