Stubben Ez Control Snaffle (Danger)

Stubben Ez Control Snaffle (Danger)


 Stubben Ez Control Snaffle (Danger)

New from Stubben, the EZ Control snaffle. At first glance this bit looks like a normal loose ring with a lozenge, but if you pick the bit up by the centre lozenge you will see it locks and becomes a solid mouthpiece. Originally called the Danger Bit.

Now available in 61/2 and 7".

Benefits of an EZ-Control Loose Ring Snaffle:

• Optimal adaptation through the unique bit-design - flexibility on the sides

• Enhanced effect with minimum pressure on the reins

• Enables easier communication between horse and rider

• With the EZ-CONTROL-BIT riders have a more effective impact on the horse, requiring less pressure on the reins.

• Self-learning effect on the horse.

Top-class and professional show jumpers

inspired us in the development of the Easy-

Control-Bit. Their horses (show jumpers) often

have a very strong impulsion, making it difficult at

times for the rider to bring the horse back before

each jump. When using too severe bits however,

horses become too cautious, resulting in a lack of

speed and power.

The Easy-Control-Bit is very effective and have a

strong action on demand, yet positioned soft and

comfortable in the horse’s mouth. The effect of

the bit comes into action gently. When the horse

accepts the bit, it lies smoothly between tongue

and lower jaw. Only when the horse resists the

rider’s aid, the stronger action (mullen mouth

action) is initiated. As soon as the horse accepts

the rider’s aid, the bit acts flexible and soft on the

horse’s tongue and bars (self-learning effect).

This particular effect has proved its worth also in

the training of young horses. The bit also helps

children a lot, who sometimes do not have

enough strength to control their strong or

disobedient ponies.

The EZ Control is now availabe in the following cheek styles

Full Cheek, Pelham, Slide Cheek Gag, Half Cheek, D Ring and Hanging Cheek.

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metric size:

Quantity:  at  £55.50  each